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  1. Naomi Cat

    Staff application form

    First of all, we are looking for some specific qualities in our staff team, we certainly look at in-game activity, discord activity and forum activity and especially helping other people at all 3 platforms since we need active staff members who add something in our staff team. We would love to see people making video’s, making (video) guides and more which adds quality to our server, this shows dedication and that’s exactly what we need! Staff applications. Name: Age: Time zone: Are you working / studying? How much time are you available to be online weekly? What is your experience with Runescape, how long have you been playing? When did you join Ventrix? What kind of staff experience do you have?
  2. Naomi Cat

    Fishing (awkward to find fish)

    useful guide! thank you for your help ^^
  3. Naomi Cat

    Skill cape list

    Here's the list of skill capes! If I got anything wrong or if you have something to add, let me know I will put it in! Attack cape : Free access to Warrior guild (unlimited warrior guild tokens) Strength cape: +5% strength bonus Defence cape: Acts as ring of life Range cape: Act as Ava's accumulator Prayer cape: more prayer points while drinking prayer pots Magic cape: can cast spellbook swap Runecrafting cape: teleport to abyss Hitpoints cape: 2x HP restore rate Agility cape: acts as graceful cape. Herblore cape: 10% chance of saving a herb Thieving cape: when pickpocketing master farmer it gives you 2 seeds instead of 1 Crafting cape: teleport to crafting guild Fletching cape: +10 arrow shafts Slayer cape: Slayer task teleport (if im not mistaken) Hunter cape: teleport to puro puro Mining cape: 2x the ammount of ores / gems Smithing cape: 10% chance of saving an ore Fishing cape: 2 fishes instead of 1 Cooking cape: impossible to burn any food Firemaking: 10% chance of saving a log Farming cape: reduces time herbs take to grow
  4. Naomi Cat

    [Update 9] - 11/9 - Animal Magnetism & Bug Fixes

    You guys have worked hard, keep it up! we love you guys.
  5. Naomi Cat

    Ghost's Comprehensive Bug List

    well thank you for this bug list, anything is useful
  6. Naomi Cat


    Especially if possible have the journey update automatically Could really be a good idea to add in, new players often don't know if people don't warn them. It can make it a little easier for new players to get used to Ventrix.
  7. Naomi Cat

    Membership Info & Benefits

    you guys really did a good job here!
  8. Naomi Cat

    Monster teleport guides, teleport tabs.

    ❤️❤️ thanks for your support
  9. Naomi Cat

    Monster teleport guide names.

    Thank you so much ❤️
  10. Naomi Cat

    Scrambles Introduction

    Nice to meet you Nick! Don't keep yourself from messaging me if you need help or just was to talk a little! I hope to see you on our server for a long while and that you see how fun our community is . xx
  11. Naomi Cat


    Welcome! I hope you see the promising and awesome things in our server and in our community and decide to stay with us! Nice to meet you! xx
  12. Naomi Cat

    [Update 7] - 10/6 - The First Quest

    Ventrix has come so far already, I'm excited to be a part of the ventrix future and all the improvements and new content that will come. You guys do an amazing job!
  13. Naomi Cat

    Achievement Diarys {WIP}

    keep up the good work ❤️
  14. Naomi Cat

    Achievement Diarys {WIP}

  15. Naomi Cat

    Dylan (Chaps07)

    Welcome Dylan! I enjoy your company on the server haha