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  1. Tommy

    HCIM Ep 1 - Ocyurus

    Some lovely progress! Good luck with your accounts. Be sure to keep uploading - Excited for episode 2!
  2. Tommy

    Floats Zulrah guide for beginners

    Amazing guide, you've put it so simply. Thank you ever so much for making this 🙂
  3. Tommy

    Pu's Diary!

    You are so organised Pu! I love it. Good luck with you goals friend
  4. Lovely work there Crazz
  5. Tommy

    Iron Carbz Staff Application

    What a lovely; detailed application - Good luck with it! 😄
  6. Tommy

    Floats staff app

    Good luck with your application, I am sure you will do a great job 🙂
  7. Tommy

    PVP Event - December 2, 2018

    Sounds a lovely event! I hope I will be online for it 😄
  8. Tommy

    Ghost's Comprehensive Bug List

    Amazing work, thanks!
  9. Tommy

    Tommy | Staff Application

    Name: Tommy Age: 27 Time zone: GMT Are you working / studying? Work as a pub manager in beautiful Wales. How much time are you available to be online weekly? As much as I can give. I am usually online late evenings. What is your experience with Runescape, how long have you been playing? I began Runescape in 2003. Have been skilling based compared to PVM, still learning some bosses! When did you join Ventrix? I've been around since server started. Previously an active member of The Dream. What kind of staff experience do you have? In my peak of Runescape activity, I led the biggest skilling clan of the time. I was also promoted to Server Staff for The Dream.
  10. Tommy

    Mohrs staff application.

    Good luck with your application, I'm positive you would do a great job!
  11. Exciting! I'm looking forward to trying it out ?
  12. Tommy

    Achievement Diarys {WIP}

    Would you say these are worth doing?
  13. Tommy

    Scrambles Introduction

    Welcome Nick! Lovely to meet you. We many many avid PVMers, I'm sure they can give you some support! See you in-game soon friend ?
  14. Tommy


    Welcome! Hope to see you around :)