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    Hi everyone, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has been supporting us whether its through playing, donations, or just talking in the Discord. It really means a lot to us and I know we've been struggling recently, but the activity really helps. This update is a little teaser of what we've got going on. I'm working on some awesome faction content, but I am waiting on a Modeler to finish the new bosses. However, for now we've implemented a few custom items for you guys to start getting. Good luck! Updates: Client & Cache update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work) New Faction Content - on each of the Islands you'll see a store with some custom items that you can purchase with your points. Currently you can farm points by killing monsters in the GWD. There will be a random chance of receiving drops that can be traded in for points. All Donator Capes added for each Tier. Just right click The Donation Store (Party Pete) and he will allow you to claim your capes. If you're above a regular Donator you will get all the previous capes as well. Monster Pets now can store food/brews and Skilling pets can note items such as logs, ores, etc. for you just use the items on the pet. Currently you can only use your own pet, but any pet notes any item. So for example if you currently have a Heron, it will also note Logs. This will be changed in the future, but for now enjoy! 25% Sale in the store. This will run up until Christmas! Regards, CrazzMC Co-owner of Ventrix