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[Update 1] - 9/10 - Features & Fixes

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crazzmc    9

Hey everyone,

I just want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that's currently playing Ventrix! We're getting some awesome feedback and we really appreciate everyone that has been telling us about bugs and features to implement. Keep them coming and we'll keep updating. Below are some of the bug fixes and features we implemented over this past update. If you have any questions post below or contact Jovanni or I in discord!

Updates List:

  • Cache & Client Update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • Fixed all website Links (Donate, Forums, Vote we're broken)
  • Added Donator & Vote Store to home (South)
  • Added Infinity Fountain (Features coming soon)
  • Fixed Farming Patches (Slightly moved to west side)
  • Added Compost Bin near patches
  • Added various Trees (South & Northeast) & Flax south of Skilling Area at home
  • Added Master Farmer (Pickpocket & Store)
  • Added Master Fisher (Store) south of Skilling Area at home
  • Added Mining teleport Winch to home west of Skilling Area at home
  • Fixed 'New Player' Icon being a $ Sign
  • Fixed Ropes at Bank (Previously able to walk through them)
  • Added Bounty Hunter Store/Emblem Trader northeast at home
  • Updated Home Guide's Name to 'Ventrixo'
  • Changed Tutorial Spawn point to Home
  • Changed Tutorial Speaker from Adam to Ventrixo
  • Added second floor to bank (Features coming soon)
  • Added Lamps around home for cosmetic purposes (Turn down brightness - looks awesome)
  • Fixed Title Interface (Donators only - Northwest at home)
  • Fixed Member's Icon not showing above head



  • Major Discord Update in - Strings messages from new players joining to maxing skills and even rare drops!
  • Week of Events events
  • Custom Home Rooftop Agility

Thanks again for everyone being patient for this update! I know many of you wanted some of these bugs fixed sooner but they started piling up and we figured we'd give you guys some new content as well. Hope you enjoy.




Co-owner of Ventrix

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