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January Vote/Donate Event!!!!

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January Voting Event!


Don't forget to vote this month! Prizes are as follows:

Weekly Prizes:

First Place - 1 Ultra Mystery Box, 3 Top Voter Boxes

Second Place - 1 Legendary Mystery Box, 2 Top Voter Boxes

Third Place - 1 Mystery Box, 1 Top Voter Boxes


January Grand Prize:

First Place - 3 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 5 Top Voter Boxes, $50 Donor Scroll

Second Place - 2 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 3 Top Voter Boxes, $10 Donor Scroll

Third Place - 1 Ultra Mystery Box, 1 Top Voter Box

Donating Event!!!

Hey guys, for the new year we are going to be getting things kicked off and getting the server growing. Below are following prizes:

First Place - $50 Donor Scroll, 3 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 3 Legendary Mystery Boxes

Second Place - $25 Donor Scroll, 2 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 2 Legendary Mystery Boxes

Third Place - Monthly Membership Bond, 1 Ultra Mystery Box, 1 Legendary Mystery Box

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