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[Update 12] - 12/14 - Christmas Sale, RoW, Ava's & Faction Changes

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Worked on some new content! Christmas event will be here in the next week or so so keep an eye out for that. For today fixed some bugs, added new faction content, and gave some boosts for Ava's devices!


  • Removed Animal Magnetism as a requirement to use Ava's gear.
    • Instead if you do complete the quest the items give you a 7% Range Level boost. The boost applies to the Attractor, Accumulator, Assembler & associated Max Capes.
  • Faction Changes:
    •  Added Faction Passes - these allow you to also be part of another faction - they are currently in the Donator store. Players requested the ability to buy and use items from another faction.
      • I will eventually implement this into a quest - but for now they are in the Donator store.
    • Increased price of items in store (drop rate was a bit too high - will adjust if necessary).
    • Added new faction items for all the Gods.
    • Made faction offerings stackable as requested.
    • Fixed the issues with getting the wrong God faction offerings.
  • Ring of Wealth (i) now picks up Blood Money Coins.
    • If you're a Member or a Donator items are sent to your bank account.
    • If you're a not a Member or Donator items are sent to your inventory if you have free slots.
    • UIM's items will ALWAYS be sent to your inventory if you have free slots.
    • Blood money is prioritized over coins (if you don't have free slots).
  • Added Thermonuclear teleport under the Bosses Menu and also fixed the Smoke Devil teleport under the Monsters menu.
    • Note the Thermonuclear cave & teleport both require 93 Slayer.
    • Search is currently disabled on the Teleports Menu
  • Barrows drops have gotten a slight buff
  • Prossy armour drop rate has been reduced
  •  Removed the Loyalty Program penalty
  • Fixed Burthope teleport
  • Fixed Golden Hammer
  • Golden Tinderbox is slightly different. I will have to look more into it. However, if you use the Log onto the Tinderbox it will work. (Log first then Tinderbox)
  • Ring of Life doesn't work in Raids now so you won't get teleported to the start or out for that matter
  • Obsidian helmet is now worn on the head
  • All Ironmen can now use Faction stores
  • Temporarily disabled Protect from Melee at Vorkath until a more permanent fix has been implemented.
  • 15% Sale in the store. This will run up until Christmas!




Co-owner of Ventrix

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