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[Update 11] - 12/6 - Raids Works, Content & Bug Fixes

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Quick bug fixes after yesterday's update. I can commit to saying that I will be fixing bug updates as they occur. There will be a 30 minute System Update each time and I may do it any time of the day. You'll be able to login until the timer runs down to 2 minutes so don't worry about that. I plan on fixing bugs every 2-3 days.



  • Raids can now be entered
  • Added stats for some of the new Custom Faction items
    • Bandos, Saradomin & Zamorak God Bows & the Bandos Crossbow now do 20% more damage to the two enemy God's monsters
    • Bandos War Spear & Bandos & Zamorak God Whips do 20% more damage to the two enemy God's monsters
    • Bandos War Spear does 20% more damage to Corp (this still might not be perfect may need some testing from you guys)
  • Pets now allow you to store the same item again instead of starting empty. For example before if your pet was holding 5 sharks you weren't able to add another 23 sharks. Now you can add more sharks without taking those 5 sharks out. 
  • Serpentine & Modifier Helms now all require 75 Defense as in OSRS
  • Tentacle Degraded Cost changed from 10m to 2m
  • Issue with Wildy & GWD Items (entire RDT actaully) has been fixed
  • 25% Sale in the store. This will run up until Christmas!
  • Cannot Firemake in GWD or Raids (abuse fix)
  • Boosted Twisted Bow Stats slightly
  • Added Bows to Ranged Skill Menu (adding more next update - whips, spear, more armour)
  • Added a bunch of new items to the Donator Store: Cosmetics & Weapons




Co-owner of Ventrix

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