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[Update 9] - 11/9 - Animal Magnetism & Bug Fixes

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay guys, but got some Bug Fixes and a new Quest!



  • Client update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • Animal Magnetism quest added into game - Ava's devices will require you to complete it
  • Vorkath bugged out when using some commands & talking in cc - this is now fixed
  • Dwarf Cannon now works at Corp
  • Nurse removed from Raids (Was only there for testing)
  • Fishing Karambwan now works as long as you have the vessel and the Kwambamji in your inventory (for now)
  • Crystal bug at the end of the raids is fixed so skipping to the end of a raid has been fixed
  • Fixes with some items requirements & stats
  • Range Str bonus has been added to some items that didn't 
  • Fixed some bugged ladders that brought you to an old donator zone
  • Adjusted reward chances in Barrows (slight nerf)
  • Removed zombie stage spawn in Vorkath as the damage is being tweaked
  • Serpentine Helmet (and modified ones) now can be charged with any Zulrah scales
  • New Items added to Donator Store




Co-owner of Ventrix

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50 minutes ago, Naomi Cat said:

You guys have worked hard, keep it up!

we love you guys.

Appreciate that, we're getting back into the grove and you can be sure to see so much more. ?

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Lamp    0

Great work on everything, but stop adding quests! haha I play RSPS so I don't have to quest. ? worst part of OSRS

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