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[Update 8] - 10/21 - Custom Quest - Wraith Of The Gods

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the MAJOR delay. This quest took a lot longer than expect as it was my first time doing a completely custom quest. Props to those UK boys because making quests is not easy.


  • Client & Cache update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • New quest unlocks some awesome content. I don't want to really talk much about it as I want you guys to figure it out for yourselves. Its not the easiest one and you can lose your items so be careful, but there are warnings all over the place!
  • Super Antifire Potions have been replaced by extended versions in loyalty boxes, ask a member of staff to replace them!
  • Item Statistics have been fixed and updated for certain items, specifically the Dragon Crossbow and Wyvern Shield! Additional fixes in the future.
  • Dragon bolt (unf) now stack from Vorkath. They can also be made into bolts as well as add bolt tips for different versions.
  • Hard clue corrected from Wildy chest reward.
  • Drop tables altered for certain bosses, GWD and Zulrah. Removed Dragon Halberd from drop table ;). GWD Bosses now have a more balanced chance of receiving items based on difficulty of boss. 
  • Herblore skill interface corrected from displaying false information for making Super Combat Potions.
  • Fletching tab added in skill interface for making bolts.
  • ::pc command for faster transport to Pest Control. Available for everyone ?
  • New Wraith of the Gods items added into the game files, ready for future release. 


Quest Rewards





Co-owner of Ventrix

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Lamp    0

So happy to see d hally removed from drop table. If I got a dhally on top of my jar and mutagen I would rage haha


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