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[Update 7] - 10/6 - The First Quest

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the slight delay, but here's the update for this week! Got some awesome stuff for you guys hope you like it!


  • Client & Cache update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • Minor buffs to Corp Defense & Attack
  • Revamped Revs, Rune & Addy Dragon drop tables
    • 30% of receiving Superior Bones
  • Can make Platebody from Chainbody with dragon drop from Dragons
  • Removed SoL from Raids drop table & added Sara Light to Saradomin drop table
  • Fixed Slayer Tasks reset on logout
  • Fixed Golden Tinderbox
  • Revamped general Skill Interfaces (Item reqs., etc)
  • Magic Shortbow spec now at 55% instead of 50%
  • Many Loyalty Box, Wildy Key, Mystery Box item fixes
  • New Spin Boxes interface
  • Quest Handler with full interfacing
  • Dwarf Cannon quest has been added - its about 80% of the original quest - still fixing the minor issues
    • Gives you ability to purchase Cannon - adjusted for RSPS inflation ?
  • Discord Marketplace implemented
    • Allows you to list your items in the Discord #marketplace channel using an in-game command
    • This is a temporary fix until we get our GE up and running
    • Media below on how to do it - but basic command is:
      • ::list-b-amount-item name-price for buying
      • ::list-s-amount-item name-price for selling
    • Use ::linkacc to link your in-game account to Discord and it will tag you as well so people can message you on discord
  • Ancient Drops from Revenant Caves can now be sold to Bounty Hunter (at home as well) for the same price as in OSRS



  • Committing to one new Quest every week
    • Next Week: God Bows with Custom Quest
  • Clue scrolls are about 90% finished - randomization with steps
  • GE is about 90% implemented - expect this next week
  • Raid fixes are on its way
  • ToB progress has been made - 20%
  • Surprise update tomorrow: Craw Bow & Referral Program


Quest Start



Quest Reward Interface



Discord Marketplace



New Spin Boxes Interface





Co-owner of Ventrix

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Extreme Rev    0

sick , looking forward for quest ideas and rewards in the future. appreciate the hustle. well done! i like the new spin on box and key openings, now it rolls all the way

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Bradley    3

I like the look of this update, good job on the work, I know you mentioned that getting donated Ironman highscores correct isn’t as easy as it seems, but have you made much progress towards it? 

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Naomi Cat    9

Ventrix has come so far already, I'm excited to be a part of the ventrix future and all the improvements and new content that will come. 


You guys do an amazing job! 

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