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[Update 6] - 9/29 - Duo-Slayer

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the slight delay but here's the latest update! Got some Duo Slayer for you guys so we hope you enjoy that content.


  • Client Update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • Wildy Keys - now correct messages appear with the correct type of key
  • Icons are now fixed - the priority for IM & Extreme players are Membership then IM Icon
    • If you're a donator its IM then the $ Icon
  • Client Zoom has been increased so players can view more when bossing
  • Ornate Pool now refreshes HP as well
  • Increased time for items dropped on ground to I believe 10 minutes (will confirm on this soon)
  • Added Adamant & Rune Dragons teleport back into game - under Monsters Tab
  • Wilderness Ditch doesn't look as buggy anymore but your head might spin a bit ?
  • Fixed issues with Looting Bags
  • Fixed Bank Tab 7 Glitch its now clickable
  • Superior Bones now are notable
  • Super Antifire potions are now notable
  • Duo-Slayer is here to get started take a look at the GIFs below
    • You can't start a duo-party with a solo task. Finish the task first and then have fun guys ? 
    • Duo slayer works like this - it takes the lowest Slayer Level of the person in your party and uses that as the maximum Slayer level for the monsters you can kill
    • At Level 96+ the party has a 25% chance of rolling a Boss Task
    • Use // to talk in the Duo Slayer party



Donator Icons



Duo Slayer





Co-owner of Ventrix

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