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Ghost's Comprehensive Bug List

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Doing a lot of searching for bugs lately and am worried about some of them getting lost in the discord. Going to create categories and lists here. Will change color to green once they are fixed! 


Item Bugs

Dragon Plate body gives error "item cannot be worn" on equip. Also appears to have no stats.

Tribal Mask from daily crates still appears to be wrong item id - not equip able.

Bloody Key is still receivable from daily membership crates.

Zamorak Monk Robe Top and Bottoms are missing +3 prayer bonus each.

Magic Short Bow uses 50% special to attack instead of 55%.

Infinity Glove stat tool tip says it has +5 magic attack and defense, however it actually has +5 crush attack and +5 slash defense.



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I believe these are all covered on this pending update to be pushed later this afternoon but thank you for compiling this list and sorry for the late response!

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