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[Update 5] - 9/23 - Wildy Keys & Fixes

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crazzmc    9

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We've been working on some new content and here it is:


  • Client Update & Cache Update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work).
  • Wildy Keys - 3 Tiers of keys now have a chance of being dropped by any NPC in the Wilderness. Can also receive them from killing players.
  • Completionist Capes have been added into the game. They currently require 200M XP in any skill to wear. They will also be able to be worn if you have Prestige 5+ in a certain skill (still in development).
    • Old Man northeast corner of Edgeville has them (Right Click - second option)
  • Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit now works
  • New Teleport Interface (Fixes a lot of the issues with the old one)
    • Now have the past 3 Teleports saved instead of just 1
  • New Duel Interface (Similar to OSRS)
  • Dual Icons now appear (only in fixed - working on the issue in Resizable & Full Screen) - but this will now show multiple rights for example if you're a Member & a Donator
    • If you have 3 such as Member, Donator & IM it will only show 2 of the 3. We're adding a method for you to pick which ones you'd like to show.
  • Donator store has gotten a complete re-vamp and benefits have also been boosted for Donators. Full details will be posted soon.
  • Member benefits can be seen at this forum post here
  • New Player Interface has gotten an upgraded
  • Raids Membership Loot Tokens have FINALLY been fixed. They now work and we've tested this. Sorry about all the delays on that
  • Change appearance now allows more skin colours
  • Discounted Slayer Cancel & Remove Tasks based on Donator Status
  • Ultimate Ironmen can now use the Looting Bag
  • Ultimate Ironmen can now pickup items from the ground
  • Ironmen can access Blood Money Shop
  • Godstaffs in Ironmen Store
  • Bonus XP on weekends has now been changed to Double XP
  • Bone To Peach tabs have been moved to the Loyalty Store 
  • Shooting Star is about 80% implemented. Running into one error after that we'll be all set.














Co-owner of Ventrix

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Dylan    0

Welldone, Appreciate the dedicated work!


You've definitely got a lot off the suggestion/bug list, have to start adding some more ?  Hope to see more soon!

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I thought I would provide a bit more insight on wilderness keys, as list you will be able to have a chance to obtain these keys from any NPC in the wilderness ranging from tier 3(Blue Key) being rare and the tier 1(Red Key) being more common. If you obtain a wilderness key you will then use it at the wilderness key chest at home(see picture attached). Now keys are also given a chance to drop when killing a player! Hope this clarified it for everyone, any further questions don't be afraid to ask!

wildy key event.PNG

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