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[Update 3] - 9/17 - Discord & Fixes

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crazzmc    9

A lot of Discord implementation and Bug Fixes this update. I'll let you read the list. 


  • Client Update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work)
  • Aggressive monsters in Revenant Caves only search if you're not wielding the Bracelet of Ethereum
  • Bracelet of Ethereum Operate function now displays correct message
  • Raids teleport has been fixed if leader accidentally leaves or gets disconnected
  • Discord bot now strings messages based on In-Game Events (Titles updated for notifications as well)
  • Demonic Gorilla Overhead Prayers now switch
  • Fixed Login glitch - when account gets kicked
  • Discord accounts can now be linked with In-game acc ::linkacc in Discord - which will provide instructions on how to link.
    • This is just a pre-beta signup for now - we will be implementing features as we go along.
  • Loyalty boxes got small fixes to fix noted items
  • Skotizo interfacing now works - no crashes when you kill Skotizo
  • Donator store got some upgrades - items and prices
  • Definitions for many items got correctly assigned (requirements & stats) - Max Capes, etc.
  • More corrections for items that drop on death and items that go straight to the bank
  • ::bank works now for Legendary+ Donators
  • Raids - Loot Tokens now work correctly
  • Raids - Thieving room now also works
    • Mechanics: 65 Thieving required - search 6 chests and able to receive resources to assist in Raids
  • Imbued Capes Minigame - is active - Monsters drop items to use on capes
  • Vorkath - now drops items
  • Tome of Fire should work correctly now - provide fire runes
  • Lottery has been disabled - going to get a rework based on Player Events



  • Custom Home Rooftop Agility - 65%
  • Quest for Ava's - 15%
  • More Discord strings & functionality
  • Tiered Donator Zones
  • Craw's bow, Tharmmaron's sceptre, Viggora's chainmace, & Amulet of Avarice
  • Olm mechanics
  • Theatre of Blood (It's coming)


Sorry for the slight delay, but we hope you enjoy all these fixes! We're moving onto some serious new content now that a lot of these bugs have been sorted out. 




Co-owner of Ventrix

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Tommy    4

Lovely work! Great to see things tweake. Super excited for the upcoming releases! ?

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