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    • Great work on everything, but stop adding quests! haha I play RSPS so I don't have to quest. ? worst part of OSRS
    • *** This is an UNOFFICIAL price guide. All prices are subject to change upon sellers discretion *** ** If there are any items missing or the prices are wrong comment below ** * Thank you to Floats and Mohrs for the help * Common Items: Abyssal Whip - 8m-10m Amulet of Fury - 8m-10m DragonFire Shield - 25m Blood Money - 5k-6.4k Ring of Wealth - 10m Ranger Boots - 10m Robin Hood Hat - 5m Wizard Boots - 5m   Barrows: Dharok - 3m-5m Guthans - 3m-5m Ahrims - 3m-5m Ahrim's Staff - 2m Karils - 3m-5m Karil’s Crossbow - 2m Verac - 2m-4m Torag - 2m-3m   PVP Armor:   Vesta Platebody - 60m-80m Vesta Plateskirt - 60m-80m Vesta Longsword - 90m-100m   Statius Platebody- 60m-80m Statius Platelegs- 60m-80m Statius Helm- 100m-150m Statius Warhammer - 70m-100m   Morrigan’s Leatherbody- 60m-80m Morrigan’s Chaps - 60m-80m Morrigan’s Coif - 40m   Zuriel’s Hood - 40m Zuriel’s Robe Top - 60-80m Zuriel’s Robe Bottoms - 60-80m
        Boss Drops (Boss Teleport): Barrelchest Anchor - 5m Seer’s Ring - 5m Berserker Ring - 10m Warrior Ring - 3m Archers Ring -10m Draconic Visage - 20m Spectral Sigil - 300m Arcane Sigil - 500m Elysian Sigil - 900m Trident of the Seas - 50m Kraken Tentacle - 20m Tanzanite Fang - 100m Magic Fang - 40m Serpentine Visage - 30m Primordial Crystal - 75m Pegasian Crystal - 60m Eternal Crystal - 45m Skeletal Visage - 75m Zenyte Shard - 65m   Godwars: Armadyl Chestplate - 40m Armadyl Chainskirt - 40m Armadyl Helm - 40m Armadyl Crossbow - 80m-100m Armadyl Godsword - 125m-160m   Bandos Chestplate - 50m Bandos Tassets - 50m Bandos Boots - 20m Bandos Godsword - 45m   Zamorak Spear - 65m Zamorak Godsword - 35m Staff of the Dead - 30m Saradomin Sword - 10m Saradomin Godsword - 65m   Rares: Sled - 200m Blue Partyhat - 150m White Partyhat - 150m Red Partyhat - 150m Purple Partyhat - 150m Yellow Partyhat - 150m Green Partyhat - 150m Black Partyhat - 200-250m Rainbow Partyhat - 400m Black H’Ween - 225m Green H’Ween - 125m Blue H’Ween - 125m Red H’Ween - 125m Santa Hat - 150m Black Santa Hat -  300m Mystery Box - 25m Legendary Mystery Box - 60m Ultra Mystery Box - 75m Elder Maul - 300m Arcane Prayer Scroll - 75m Dexterous Prayer Scroll - 140m Ring of Wealth (i) - 30m Abyssal Dagger - 40m Twisted Bow - 1B+ Twisted Buckler - 150m Amulet of Torture - 60m Necklace of Anguish - 60m Tormented Bracelet - 50m+ Occult Amulet - 35m Staff of Light - 45m Tomb of Fire - 25m Ancestral Hat- 75m Ancestral Top- 150m Ancestral Bottom- 150m   Skilling: Dragon Bones - 25-30k Dag bones - 30-40k Lava Dragon bones - 40-50k Superior Bones - 60-80k          Coal - 3-5k Rune Bar - 30-40k Addy Bar - 15-25k Magic Logs - 5k Yew Logs - 3k Raw Shark - 2k Raw Anglers - 10k Raw Dark Crab - 5k Uncut Dragonstone - 6k Uncut Diamond - 3k Dragon Dart Tips - 10k Dragon Arrow Tips - 15k    
    • First of all, we are looking for some specific qualities in our staff team, we certainly look at in-game activity, discord activity and forum activity and especially helping other people at all 3 platforms since we need active staff members who add something in our staff team. We would love to see people making video’s, making (video) guides and more which adds quality to our server, this shows dedication and that’s exactly what we need!   Staff applications. Name: Age: Time zone: Are you working / studying? How much time are you available to be online weekly? What is your experience with Runescape, how long have you been playing? When did you join Ventrix? What kind of staff experience do you have?
    • Appreciate that, we're getting back into the grove and you can be sure to see so much more. ?
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