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  2. Great work on everything, but stop adding quests! haha I play RSPS so I don't have to quest. ? worst part of OSRS
  3. floats

    Unofficial Price Guide

    looks good brother!
  4. Bubbub05

    Unofficial Price Guide

    *** This is an UNOFFICIAL price guide. All prices are subject to change upon sellers discretion *** ** If there are any items missing or the prices are wrong comment below ** * Thank you to Floats and Mohrs for the help * Common Items: Abyssal Whip - 8m-10m Amulet of Fury - 8m-10m DragonFire Shield - 25m Blood Money - 5k-6.4k Ring of Wealth - 10m Ranger Boots - 10m Robin Hood Hat - 5m Wizard Boots - 5m Barrows: Dharok - 3m-5m Guthans - 3m-5m Ahrims - 3m-5m Ahrim's Staff - 2m Karils - 3m-5m Karil’s Crossbow - 2m Verac - 2m-4m Torag - 2m-3m PVP Armor: Vesta Platebody - 60m-80m Vesta Plateskirt - 60m-80m Vesta Longsword - 90m-100m Statius Platebody- 60m-80m Statius Platelegs- 60m-80m Statius Helm- 100m-150m Statius Warhammer - 70m-100m Morrigan’s Leatherbody- 60m-80m Morrigan’s Chaps - 60m-80m Morrigan’s Coif - 40m Zuriel’s Hood - 40m Zuriel’s Robe Top - 60-80m Zuriel’s Robe Bottoms - 60-80m Boss Drops (Boss Teleport): Barrelchest Anchor - 5m Seer’s Ring - 5m Berserker Ring - 10m Warrior Ring - 3m Archers Ring -10m Draconic Visage - 20m Spectral Sigil - 300m Arcane Sigil - 500m Elysian Sigil - 900m Trident of the Seas - 50m Kraken Tentacle - 20m Tanzanite Fang - 100m Magic Fang - 40m Serpentine Visage - 30m Primordial Crystal - 75m Pegasian Crystal - 60m Eternal Crystal - 45m Skeletal Visage - 75m Zenyte Shard - 65m Godwars: Armadyl Chestplate - 40m Armadyl Chainskirt - 40m Armadyl Helm - 40m Armadyl Crossbow - 80m-100m Armadyl Godsword - 125m-160m Bandos Chestplate - 50m Bandos Tassets - 50m Bandos Boots - 20m Bandos Godsword - 45m Zamorak Spear - 65m Zamorak Godsword - 35m Staff of the Dead - 30m Saradomin Sword - 10m Saradomin Godsword - 65m Rares: Sled - 200m Blue Partyhat - 150m White Partyhat - 150m Red Partyhat - 150m Purple Partyhat - 150m Yellow Partyhat - 150m Green Partyhat - 150m Black Partyhat - 200-250m Rainbow Partyhat - 400m Black H’Ween - 225m Green H’Ween - 125m Blue H’Ween - 125m Red H’Ween - 125m Santa Hat - 150m Black Santa Hat - 300m Mystery Box - 25m Legendary Mystery Box - 60m Ultra Mystery Box - 75m Elder Maul - 300m Arcane Prayer Scroll - 75m Dexterous Prayer Scroll - 140m Ring of Wealth (i) - 30m Abyssal Dagger - 40m Twisted Bow - 1B+ Twisted Buckler - 150m Amulet of Torture - 60m Necklace of Anguish - 60m Tormented Bracelet - 50m+ Occult Amulet - 35m Staff of Light - 45m Tomb of Fire - 25m Ancestral Hat- 75m Ancestral Top- 150m Ancestral Bottom- 150m Skilling: Dragon Bones - 25-30k Dag bones - 30-40k Lava Dragon bones - 40-50k Superior Bones - 60-80k Coal - 3-5k Rune Bar - 30-40k Addy Bar - 15-25k Magic Logs - 5k Yew Logs - 3k Raw Shark - 2k Raw Anglers - 10k Raw Dark Crab - 5k Uncut Dragonstone - 6k Uncut Diamond - 3k Dragon Dart Tips - 10k Dragon Arrow Tips - 15k
  5. Naomi Cat

    Staff application form

    First of all, we are looking for some specific qualities in our staff team, we certainly look at in-game activity, discord activity and forum activity and especially helping other people at all 3 platforms since we need active staff members who add something in our staff team. We would love to see people making video’s, making (video) guides and more which adds quality to our server, this shows dedication and that’s exactly what we need! Staff applications. Name: Age: Time zone: Are you working / studying? How much time are you available to be online weekly? What is your experience with Runescape, how long have you been playing? When did you join Ventrix? What kind of staff experience do you have?
  6. Owner Ventrix

    [Update 9] - 11/9 - Animal Magnetism & Bug Fixes

    Appreciate that, we're getting back into the grove and you can be sure to see so much more. ?
  7. Naomi Cat

    Fishing (awkward to find fish)

    useful guide! thank you for your help ^^
  8. Naomi Cat

    Skill cape list

    Here's the list of skill capes! If I got anything wrong or if you have something to add, let me know I will put it in! Attack cape : Free access to Warrior guild (unlimited warrior guild tokens) Strength cape: +5% strength bonus Defence cape: Acts as ring of life Range cape: Act as Ava's accumulator Prayer cape: more prayer points while drinking prayer pots Magic cape: can cast spellbook swap Runecrafting cape: teleport to abyss Hitpoints cape: 2x HP restore rate Agility cape: acts as graceful cape. Herblore cape: 10% chance of saving a herb Thieving cape: when pickpocketing master farmer it gives you 2 seeds instead of 1 Crafting cape: teleport to crafting guild Fletching cape: +10 arrow shafts Slayer cape: Slayer task teleport (if im not mistaken) Hunter cape: teleport to puro puro Mining cape: 2x the ammount of ores / gems Smithing cape: 10% chance of saving an ore Fishing cape: 2 fishes instead of 1 Cooking cape: impossible to burn any food Firemaking: 10% chance of saving a log Farming cape: reduces time herbs take to grow
  9. Naomi Cat

    [Update 9] - 11/9 - Animal Magnetism & Bug Fixes

    You guys have worked hard, keep it up! we love you guys.
  10. Bubbub05

    November Vote Event

    November Voting Event! Don't forget to vote this month! Prizes are as follows: Weekly Prizes: First Place - 1 Ultra Mystery Box, 3 Top Voter Boxes Second Place - 1 Legendary Mystery Box, 2 Top Voter Boxes Third Place - 1 Mystery Box, 1 Top Voter Boxes November Grand Prize: First Place - 3 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 5 Top Voter Boxes, $50 Donor Scroll Second Place - 2 Ultra Mystery Boxes, 3 Top Voter Boxes, $10 Donor Scroll Third Place - 1 Ultra Mystery Box, 1 Top Voter Box
  11. Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay guys, but got some Bug Fixes and a new Quest! Updates: Client update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work) Animal Magnetism quest added into game - Ava's devices will require you to complete it Vorkath bugged out when using some commands & talking in cc - this is now fixed Dwarf Cannon now works at Corp Nurse removed from Raids (Was only there for testing) Fishing Karambwan now works as long as you have the vessel and the Kwambamji in your inventory (for now) Crystal bug at the end of the raids is fixed so skipping to the end of a raid has been fixed Fixes with some items requirements & stats Range Str bonus has been added to some items that didn't Fixed some bugged ladders that brought you to an old donator zone Adjusted reward chances in Barrows (slight nerf) Removed zombie stage spawn in Vorkath as the damage is being tweaked Serpentine Helmet (and modified ones) now can be charged with any Zulrah scales New Items added to Donator Store Regards, CrazzMC Co-owner of Ventrix
  12. Owner Ventrix

    Ghost's Comprehensive Bug List

    I believe these are all covered on this pending update to be pushed later this afternoon but thank you for compiling this list and sorry for the late response!
  13. Earlier
  14. Naomi Cat

    Ghost's Comprehensive Bug List

    well thank you for this bug list, anything is useful
  15. So happy to see d hally removed from drop table. If I got a dhally on top of my jar and mutagen I would rage haha
  16. Exciting! I'm looking forward to trying it out ?
  17. Hi everyone, Sorry for the MAJOR delay. This quest took a lot longer than expect as it was my first time doing a completely custom quest. Props to those UK boys because making quests is not easy. Updates: Client & Cache update (Restart Launchers to update or some features will not work) New quest unlocks some awesome content. I don't want to really talk much about it as I want you guys to figure it out for yourselves. Its not the easiest one and you can lose your items so be careful, but there are warnings all over the place! Super Antifire Potions have been replaced by extended versions in loyalty boxes, ask a member of staff to replace them! Item Statistics have been fixed and updated for certain items, specifically the Dragon Crossbow and Wyvern Shield! Additional fixes in the future. Dragon bolt (unf) now stack from Vorkath. They can also be made into bolts as well as add bolt tips for different versions. Hard clue corrected from Wildy chest reward. Drop tables altered for certain bosses, GWD and Zulrah. Removed Dragon Halberd from drop table ;). GWD Bosses now have a more balanced chance of receiving items based on difficulty of boss. Herblore skill interface corrected from displaying false information for making Super Combat Potions. Fletching tab added in skill interface for making bolts. ::pc command for faster transport to Pest Control. Available for everyone ? New Wraith of the Gods items added into the game files, ready for future release. Media: Quest Rewards Regards, CrazzMC Co-owner of Ventrix
  18. Owner Ventrix

    Needless to say I'm salty lol

    Oof, you hate to see it.... ?
  19. https://gyazo.com/98e50c78efb05751b635dae1c79ebdeb sorry for sloppy image post, but damn. Two 1 in 500 drops before anything useful.....
  20. Bubbub05

    Cerberus Guide

    Cerberus Guide What's up ladies and Gents. I have decided to take a little time out of the day to make you guys a guide to kill Cerberus. He's a very easy boss but can also be difficult if you are unsure of what he is capable of. So first i made a video, but was unable to upload the whole thing. So I started it at the last kill where mostly everything took place. Here it is: Cerb Guide_Trim.mp4 Cerberus is a very easy boss to kill but i do suggest you are a higher level with good gear or else you will be eating very often. When you see Cerb do this start eating after he hits you for the first 30: This is when Cerb spawn 3 ghosts, One is Melee, One is Mage, and One is Range. Only the Melee and Range will hit you as long as you stay praying Mage, i found it pointless to try and pray flick when he spawn the ghosts. The ghost will only hit you once each, each ghost for 30 HP each, so make sure you eat fast. The ghost also drain your prayer so make sure you drink an extra potion. Im not going to go over gear set up, use you tank armor i highly suggest nothing less than barrows. Have 2 prayer pots on you and the rest food. I usually can kill 2 a inventory. Well guys hope you like my guide and happy hunting. GoodLuck on those drops!
  21. Bradley

    PvM Casket loot

    Rarity CommonCoalRune PlatelegsBlack PlatelegsBronze PlatelegsMithril PlatelegsAdamant PlatelegsGhostly BootsGhostly Robe TopGhostly Robe BotomGhostly HoodGhostly GlovesGhostly CapeRing of RecoilRune Platebody10K CoinsBlack PlatebodyAdamant PlatebodyMithril PlatebodyLoop half of keyRune ScimitarMonkfish (100)Adamant ScimitarStaff of AirStaff of WaterStaff of EarthStaff of FireMithril ScimitarBlack ScimitarSteel ScimitarIron ScimitarRock-Shell HelmRock-Shell PlatebodyRock-Shell PlatelegsSpined HelmSpined BoduSpined ChapedSpined BootsSpined GlovesSkeletal HelmBronze ScimitarRune 2hAdamant 2hMithril 2hPrince LeggingsSnakesin BodySnakeskin chapsSnakeskin bandanaSnakeskin bootsSnakeskin VamvracesRune Knife P++Iron Dagger P++Dragon Bones (10)Lederhosen ShortsRaw PheasantAmulet of StrengthAmulet of MagicAmulet of DefenceAmulet of PowerAmulet of GloryBones (50)Strength Potion(4) (20)Restore Potion (4) (20)Adamant BootsMithril BootsBlack BootsSteel BootsIron BootsDragon DaggerDefence Potion (3)Cooked Karambwan (100)Rock-Shell PlatelegsTooth Half of KeyRarity UncommonRubber ChickenDragon ScimitarMagic ShortbowSuper Strength(3) (25)Super Defence(3) (25)Super Attack(3) (25)Prayer Potion(3) (25)Dragon Bones (50)Magic LongbowRune BootsDruid's RobeDragon Dagger p++Obsidian CapeMystic HatMystic Robe TopMystic Robe BottomMystic GlovesMystic BootsMystic Hat (Black)Mystic Robe Top (Black)Mystic Robe Bottom (Black)Mystic Gloves (Black)Mystic Boots (Black)Ancient StaffToktz-ket-zilToktz-xil-ekToktz-mej-talToktz-xil-ul (200)Tzhaar-ket-emDark Crab (100)Shark (100)Shield Right HalfIban's StaffPrayer Potion (3) (20)Unfinished Broad Bolts (100)100k CoinsRarity RareRubber ChickenCrystal Key (10)Berserker HelmWarrior HelmFarseer HelmOnyx NecklessRing of WealthTzhaar-ket-omRuby Bolt (e) (50)Dragon Bolt (e) (50)Onyx Bolt (e) (50)Dragon Arrow (50)New Crystal BowBabyDragon Bones (100)Granite MaulDragon BootsShield Left HalfWhip250K CoinsMystery BoxGodsword Shard 1 This was not created by me, I just ported it over from the old forums, hope it helps!
  22. Stayawake

    Official Rules

    LOL! i did not put put number 10 wtf Number 10 is the best rule. Do not question me.
  23. Naomi Cat


    Especially if possible have the journey update automatically Could really be a good idea to add in, new players often don't know if people don't warn them. It can make it a little easier for new players to get used to Ventrix.
  24. Naomi Cat

    Membership Info & Benefits

    you guys really did a good job here!
  25. Naomi Cat

    Monster teleport guides, teleport tabs.

    ❤️❤️ thanks for your support
  26. Naomi Cat

    Monster teleport guide names.

    Thank you so much ❤️
  27. Zokie

    Monster teleport guide names.

    keep up your work, you doing very well!!!! -Zokie
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