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    • Thanks for taking the time to get this all laid out for them. I'm sure many new players will find this very useful. ❤️
    • Oof, you hate to see it.... 😛
    • https://gyazo.com/98e50c78efb05751b635dae1c79ebdeb   sorry for sloppy image post, but damn. Two 1 in 500 drops before anything useful.....
    • Cerberus Guide What's up ladies and Gents. I have decided to take a little time out of the day to make you guys a guide to kill Cerberus. He's a very easy boss but can also be difficult if you are unsure of what he is capable of. So first i made a video, but was unable to upload the whole thing. So I started it at the last kill where mostly everything took place. Here it is: Cerb Guide_Trim.mp4 Cerberus is a very easy boss to kill but i do suggest you are a higher level with good gear or else you will be eating very often. When you see Cerb do this start eating after he hits you for the first 30: This is when Cerb spawn 3 ghosts, One is Melee, One is Mage, and One is Range. Only the Melee and Range will hit you as long as you stay praying Mage, i found it pointless to try and pray flick when he spawn the ghosts. The ghost will only hit you once each, each ghost for 30 HP each, so make sure you eat fast. The ghost also drain your prayer so make sure you drink an extra potion. Im not going to go over gear set up, use you tank armor i highly suggest nothing less than barrows. Have 2 prayer pots on you and the rest food. I usually can kill 2 a inventory.   Well guys hope you like my guide and happy hunting. GoodLuck on those drops!  
    • BM is 4-5k. Zuriels hood 30-50m. Trident of the seas 50m.