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    • here's my zulrah guide for any new players that want to learn the boss! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRX5AKsRjNY any feedback is welcome, hope this helps!  
    • Hello all,
      I am Pu, and as many may know like to make a colourful list of my to do's to help me keep up to date with what I have to do! This is primarily for my own benefit but also to share with the server! So enjoy and if you have any silly chanllenges you would like me to take on this do comment below 😄 End Goals
          Max Stats (5D13Hrs [6D22Hrs On Last IronMan]), All Diaries Done, Finish Achievements, Twisted Bow, All Slayer Helms, Farming Pet, 300 Boss Kc 99 Fishing - Afk start
      99 Cooking - Food
      50m Fishing - Blood Money & ~3k Manta/Turtle/Anglers & ~5k Crabs
      Cook all fish - Food
      85 Thieving - Early Cash
      65 Mining - Ores
      99 Hunter
          80 Hunter Lamp
          80 - 99 Red chins
          99+ 150 Each low imp, 300 Magpie/Ninja/Dragon, 100 Lucky? (Pu Science)
      99 Mining - Gems
      90 Smithing - Lamp - Rune axe
      99 Woodcutting
          3k Logs achievement - post 99 = Mage logs
      99 Firemaking
      99 Thieving stalls/chest/Master Farmer
      99 Farming
      20-30M Farming - 500 Important potions
      99 Herb    (Buy secondaries over time)
      90 Agility/Crafting (Cut gems, Sapphire/Emerald = Jewelery, Ruby/Diamond = Bolts)
      75 Prayer Lamps
      99 Runecrafting Lamps (0/120
      Early combat @ Chickens (Achievement) & Collect feathers
      Craft Darts & Bolts
      Gear Set-up One
                Anti-Dragon Shield, Zammy Hide(Vote), Dragon Defender(Vote), Zammy Book, Dharoks Set (4K Blood), Karils Top&Bottom (2K Blood), Magic Short Bow (i), Rune Crossbow
      85 Slayer Lamp
      99 Attack/Stength/Defence/Range/Mage
      Complete Varrock diary - buy runes
      Mage Areana Gear - Book, wand and boots
      Gear Set-up Two
                Fire Cape, Nezi Helm, Dragon Boots, Whip, Void Elite, Ranger Boots (40pkp), Karils Set, Veracs Set, Slayer Helm, Dragon Fire Shield, Trident of the sea, Mage Book (MA), Infinity boots (MA), Master Wand (MA)
      50 Barrelchest Kc
      300 dragon/Baby dragon kills + 250 KBD Kc
      99 Prayer
      100 Zulrah Kc
      99 Smithing - Darts & Bolts
      99 Fletching
      99 Agility - Ardy
      99 Crafting - Banked gems
      Complete Fremennick Diary
      Gear Set-up Three
                Black d'hide shield, Abyssal dagger, Fighter Torso, Dag Jewlery (~200kc each King)
      300 Zulrah Kc
      Gear Set-up Four
                Dragon Warhammer, Blowpipe, Cerb Boots, Chaotic Rapier, Infernal Cape
      99 Slayer
      70/100 Raids
      300kc King Black Dragon
      1000 Zulrah Kc
      150 Kc Wildy Bosses: Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist, Vet'ion, Venenatis, Scorpia & Chaos Elemental
      Complete Cannon + 10k Cannon Balls
      2000 Zulrah Kc
      500Kc Each Gwd Boss
      200m Combats
      200m Fishing & Cooking
      5,000 Main potions
      Complete Diaries: Ardougne, Desert, Falador, Fremennik, Kandarin, Karamja, Lumbridge, Morytania, Varrock, Western, Wilderness
      Complete Achievements: Easy, Medium, Hard, (Elite)   Thanks, Pu Pu's Boss Diary
    • Thanks bud, yours is still better I'd say. Thought I'd just do a video for people who get stuck on yours.
    • Nice video, looking forward to part 2!!!